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Red Reflection

Red Reflection is Phil McNamara’s first novel. It will be available for purchase in the near future (click here if you would like to be notified when it becomes available).

About Red Reflection

Ellin lives as a fugitive and hides amongst the trees of the last woodland on the fringe of a modern industrial city. She is dying and writing to her new born daughter, Little El, in the hope that she will grow up to change the way the people live. She reflects on her childhood, during the “Red”, when there was no city and stands of trees stretched forever across the land, and how everything changed when a wild fire killed many people and fear spread amongst the survivors. As they clear the land and build their city, Ellin predicts their decline, caused by the new way they live, the “Blue”.

Red Reflection is a challenging and thought-provoking story about how quickly we have changed the world. Few novels have dared to suggest that modest lives, a greater respect for nature and poetry are needed to address global issues like habitat loss and climate change. Red Reflection is also about what it feels like to sit on the outside of popular belief. Check out this great organisation, Lonely Conservationists, which discusses the hurdles that conservationists face around the globe.

Some of the early concept drawings for Red Reflection (6 of 22)