Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA – groundcover

About Phil McNamara

Phil lives with his wife and daughter in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, and has a bush block near Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island. As a young adult, he loved to read Charles Darwin books, which fostered a strong interest in writing about our relationship with nature.

Red Reflection is Phil’s first novel (coming soon). He has started working on the sequel, which he hopes to complete in 2021. Phil is also a blogger and writes short stories and poetry.

Phil rides a motorbike to and from work to reduce his carbon footprint and chairs his work’s Carbon Action Committee, which encourages staff to take action on climate change.

At home, Phil tries to live a sustainable life with solar electricity and water, and has an insect friendly garden. Phil is also a trail runner and plogger (a new trend from Sweden where joggers pick up rubbish along the way for the sake of the environment).